可是 你濫用了夢想這個概念
You've abused the idea of "dreams"

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Rebel without a Cause

Rebel without a Cause


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Aaron Rose spent three summers in the early nineteen-sixties photographing the beaches of Coney Island. Take a look at his photos:


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Nobody wants to die
the high school boy who jumps off the bridge because he’s caught making love with another boy in his own room on his own bed
He is murdered
By society, by you and me

Nobody wants to die
the suicide bombers
they want, too hard, for their ideals to live in somebody else’s head

Nobody wants to die
the soldier dies because he has to protect his family

Nobody wants to die
the woman taking drugs for euthanasia
her body is already gone
She doesn’t have a choice

What if a gun is held upon my head
I’m freaking afraid of that
What if another plane dies
And there are no more plans?

You and I, we will die
The earth will die
The sun will die
But if the sea ever hears a word of mine
If a drop goes into the northern skies
I will be there
I will live there

So I won’t die, because I will die
So you will die, but you won’t die
And we will die, that’s why we’ll never die

—   Nobody Wants to Die - K文
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